Alaskan Playground” Canvas Prints

limited edition of 100

Artist quality canvas 18/24 inches. It features a 1.5 inch digital stretch with a subtle gray fade. It includes a sawtooth hanger, bumpers, and paper backing.

100 in stock


Woodburned basswood and acrylic paint on canvas.

 Limited edition prints:

“Alaskan Playground”   Each of the prints is 18″ by 24″ on artist quality canvas.

“This canvas painting is based on a camping and kayaking trip to Grewingk Glacier. It’s near Homer Alaska, across Kachemak bay.  After jumping off the water taxi and unloading our kayaks and gear, we spotted a mother black bear with her cubs across a small field from our camp. The next morning in a mixture of thick fog and bright sunlight we started our three-mile hike to the glacier. I was stunned by the rich thick forest full of mushrooms, flowers, and mosses. Roughly halfway into our hike we encountered a mother black bear with her playful cubs on the trail. We waited patiently as they slowly made their way into the thick forest.  After arriving at the lake in some warm sunshine, my friend and I put on our dry suits and went for a swim.

It was a pleasure and unique experience to enjoy ice water and floating icebergs. We sat peacefully on the shore for hours taking in extraordinary beauty. I knew then, I was going to create an Art piece of my experience.  My painting features the vigilant mother black bear taking her playful cubs to the lake for a swim. This painting will be offered in a limited number of prints. Thanks for your interest.” – Brian Odermatt

What you’ll get:

  • One Limited Edition 18″ x 24″ “Alaskan Playground” Print
  • Digital Stretch with grey fades around the 1.5-inch sides

Materials For Hanging:

  • Sawtooth Hanger
  • Bumpers
  • Paper Backing

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