Brian Odermatt


I’m deeply in love with our natural environment, every bit of
it. In my view, She doesn’t make mistakes. I strive to bring the
highlights of my experiences into my Art, honoring the details
near and far that catch my attention. I employ the gift of artistic
license to improvise, rearrange, and combine things as I please.
I pick up on the energy and subtlety of my environment.
Nothing exists at zero, every bit has its place. My intention is
to bring my love and appreciation into my work, and hopefully
share it far and wide. I’m a teacher who takes pride in the
greater creative movement. I understand its importance in
culture, history, joy, and the human experience. It is endlessly
abundant, and here for all of us to explore. It rewards us for
dedication, perseverance, sacrifice, and courage. I’m here to
inspire and pass on the artistic torch that was passed to me.