ART For Sale

Introducing the 1st ever NFT by Brian Odermatt!

It’s the Angry Bear Door you see below.

It was minted by The Guiding Rock and can be collected on Rarible.

100 Editions were made and it is currently listed at .11 ETH

Not sure what an NFT is? Check out this article.

Custom Door Carvings

I design and carve each one by hand with careful attention to detail, each piece is truly unique. These door carvings can be created in the wood variety and design of your choice. These carvings are preferably done on the panel before the door is completed. This provides greater ease in the carving process and simplifies shipping. This can be done at any distance, with healthy communication and clever shipping methods. These carvings range from $2,000 to $10,000 with occasional outliers on either end. Contact Brian for more information, availability, and to explore options. Carved by hand, only a very few can be created annually.